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The video analysis of trainings on Dartfish system

Dartfish video analysis is a computer interface that is used to analyze player’s techniques and other aspects of their games.

Dartfish is a way to success taken by a lot of known tennis players

In the sport practice around the globe this technique is used for professionals whilst in our Academy any junior player can receive this service. This allows our coaches to track the process of their students and, therefore, effectively correct the training process.

Academy offers following options of video analysis:

In first two cases video analysis expert is working together with team of coaches to provide such analyses throughout the year (they examine not only tactic moves but also matches against certain rivals and give recommendations in the report form).

If the individual analysis is required we can offer a study of specific element during athlete’s game. Any element can be analyzed whether it’s a technical, tactical, psychological, or physical - each will be recorded and analyzed upon request.

Individual analysis could last for hours.

Like with anything we do we always put the young athletes development first and provide them with everything they need from tennis and education worlds, so that they can have success and personal development.

Every one in the Academy from athletes to amateurs gets the support they need to achieve their goals and we think this technical analysis is an important service, which gives this support.

Our top athletes get this service whenever their coaches request it; other athletes who regularly go to local and foreign championships and have RTT rating get no less than 2 video analyses per season; every student in the academy is allowed one video analysis per season.

For any extra video analysis requests you can check out our price list. For more information check with our management or our specialist Sergei Vorobiev.

To see examples of Dartfish use, you can click on this link.