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Mariam Shebunina was invited to the Alexander Ostrovsky academy in June 2013 as a specialist in the psychological preparation of athletes. Prior to that, for more than 7 years Mariam effectively trained professional and amateur athletes in different sports. Mariam plays tennis herself and have been competing in different tournaments from the age of 8. Unfortunately, her professional carrier ended at age 16 due to serious injury. In 2007 Mariam got into the Moscow State University and after several years she graduated with first class honors in developmental psychology.

Psychological preparation is the process of forming mental functions, processes, and personality traits that provide successful solution of problems during training sessions and competitions.

Psychological stability is one of the components of the success in any sport. However in tennis as an individual game, it stands out even more. Half of the times the outcome depends on the mental toughness. There is a popular expression in tennis - "all the problems are in the head". That is what specialists usually say about a player who, in spite of the technical training and physical abilities loses the match, because he/she is not able to stand up to the opponent psychologically.

In June 2013 we launched a new program specifically dedicated to psychological preparation of athletes.

In any competitive sport, athletes should be trained to fight, and that is what our psychologists are good at. Our psychologists can help an athlete to control his or her emotional state during the game, and teach them how to overcome individual psychological barriers.

Our psychologists can help to advance athlete’s results in different aspects:

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