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1. JTT Team Program
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Junior Transition Tour Team (JTT Team) – a new program with systematic approach to training young athletes of Alexander Ostrovsky Academy in Khimki, which prepares junior players for transition from Tennis Europe tour to ITF Juniors tour and further transition to adult tour.

The program started on October 1st, 2021 in Alexander Ostrovsky Academy in Khimki.

High level training athletes and the Avant Garde program alumni can join the JTT team program. The athletes have an option to add to the program package: coaching assistance at the tournaments or short-term training camps.

*The JTT Team program is for the athletes aged 13 and over!

The training process of the JTT team program:

JTT Team program student's in season 2021/22:

JTT team №1 (captain Alexander Shatakishvili)

Maxim Vlasov
- born in 2007 in Moscow (coach Alexander Shatakishvili);

JTT team №2 (captain Georgiy Salbiev)

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Roman Kharlamov
- born in 2007 in Zelenograd, former Moscow region (coach Georgiy Salbiev);
Marat Salbiev
- born in 2008 in Vladikavkaz (coach Georgiy Salbiev);
Pavel Skvortsov
- born in 2008 in St. Petersburg (coach Georgiy Salbiev);

JTT team №3 (captain Alexey Pavlov)

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Ekaterina Tupitsyna
- born in 2008 in Moscow (coach Alexey Pavlov);
Anna Perelman
- born in 2007 in Khimki, Moscow region (coach Alexey Pavlov);
Alina Botasheva
- born in 2007 in Moscow (coach Alexey Pavlov);
Anastasia Melnikova
- born in 2007 in Moscow (coach Alexey Pavlov)