Tennis has to become everything to you
if you're going to make it
                        to the top.
                                   You have to live it.
Monica Seles
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The Triumph Program

Standard package

Type of Service

Price (Rubbles)

Consultation package

70 000

- Training and sending out resumes and video’s of students to the U.S. Universities

- Negotiations with the coaches of the tennis teams about the available sports scholarships.

- Negotiations with the athletic departments of American universities about your possible admission to the tennis team.

- Assistance in obtaining all necessary documents for admission to the university (financial, academic, medical).

- Advice and support at all stages of your application to a U.S. University.

- Providing all information about the Universities.

- Assistance in choosing a university based on athletic performance and achievements

- Information about TOEFL and SAT exams.

- Assisting with visa application

- SEVIS/DS-160/I-20,

- Creation of an individual plan and its achievement.

Standard plus package

Type of Service

Price (Rubbles)

Consultation package

78 000

Tennis group

31 500 (per month)

Everything the ‘Standard’ package offers + 4 Workshops

All about America: everything student should know:

- Admission to the University USA

- Orientation on campus

- Introduction to the format of the training process / competitions

- The education system

+ Training in the U.S. University’s format: matches, a detailed explanation of the NCAA rules and everything else that applies to the student.

Training is conducted in English. Coaches also help explain any tasks in Russian. Group consists of more than 3 people.

Training-preparatory classes are for the duration of:

3 months

6 months


This package includes everything mentioned above + preparation for exams TOEFL and SAT. + Training videos.

Type of Service

Price (Rubbles)

Consultation package

78 000

Tennis group + Studies

73 000