Tennis has to become everything to you
if you're going to make it
                        to the top.
                                   You have to live it.
Monica Seles
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Tennis Classes for Kids

Training is led based on a specifically developed program for kids aged from 4 to 17 years old. The number of kids in groups varies from 6 to 12 depending on their training level and age.

Training program is separate for different age groups and provides a complete and systematic development of a trainee’ physical training, comprehension of important techniques in tennis, and development of tactical thinking.

Training program:

  • Entertaining group classes
  • Physical training
  • Individual classes
  • Sports days
  • Tennis tournaments
  • Camps
  • Participation in local and international tournaments
If your child likes tennis, if you want your kid not only to acquire but to master the skills of this amazing game, you should bring your child to our Academy. The best trainers of our Academy give training classes for kids. When playing tennis, a special attention is paid to development of coordination, attention, and special physical training. Training is conducted in a cheerful, captivating manner that enables kids to acquire the basics of tennis as well as to participate in children’s tennis tournaments and festivals.