Tennis has to become everything to you
if you're going to make it
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                                   You have to live it.
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The 10S Training Program


The Program “Tennis 10s” is a way of representing the training and championship processes in tennis for kids aged 10 and below. Its principles are very simple and provide the young players with the following:

1. Eliminating the hurry, nervousness and chaos on tennis courts by giving a preference to short rackets, slow servicing and courts with better-suited sizes.

2. Competitions played among peers should be short and consist of different matches. When playing individual and team competitions it is preferable to use a simple counting system. Tennis classes should involve a kid in the game process starting from the beginning - a child should participate in the game, serve and play with the thirst for victory.

Advantages of the 10s program

Following the program “Tennis 10s” helps to involve a kid into the game process quicker and to cultivate aim to succeed, desire to win and pursue the goals.

It is no secret that the theory is not the same as practice. Therefore, trainees get a burning desire for self-improvement, grow further and gain competitive spirit.

This program gives young athletes strong development of their tactical thinking, practical skills and experience in competitive matches.