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Cardio tennis

Imagine, you play tennis without a break for an hour, burn hundreds of calories, slugger hundreds of balls ... and also get lots of positive emotions in the classroom. This is ‘Cardio Tennis’!


First developed in 2005, the program called ‘Cardio Tennis’ is now spread over 30 countries. Its participation grew to 1.82 million players in 2015, which is up 119% since the program participation was first measured in 2008 and 12.6% from 2014. Unfortunately, in Russia, this program is not yet widespread, and there are very few tennis clubs that provide it. But every year the number of fans of ‘Cardio Tennis’ is growing, and there is an increasing number of places where you can enrol.

On the 1st of May 2013, Our Academy launched this program on our outdoor courts. Currently we are enrolling everyone who wants to participate in this program.

But it's time we explain what ‘Cardio Tennis’ is and why it is so popular in the world:


First, for many people ‘Cardio Tennis’ is more preferable to fitness classes, where it is necessary to go to the gym consistently and do the boring workout. In ‘Cardio Tennis’ participants are constantly monitoring their heart rate and can choose the most efficient training pace. This way they burn more calories than when just playing lawn tennis and other types of fitness training.


Second, ‘Cardio Tennis’ helps fight obesity and other weight problems.

And third, ‘Cardio Tennis’ can be regarded as an initial step in learning tennis, because 70% of exercises performed in class repeat its movements, which helps to improve muscle memory and improve overall fitness level and stamina.

Classes are held in one or more of the tennis courts with 6-8 participants and a professional trainer. Training takes about 60 to 90 minutes and consists of a warm up, tennis games and exercises, as well as the final stage of cooling down. People of different ages and levels of athletic training participate in the program, and all of them get a good workout in the same class.

A key part of the program is to continuously monitor the heart rate. Using a heart rate monitor allows you not only to train with the required rate, but also provides each participant maximum effectiveness from training that is specifically measured to their age, weight, height and sex.


The second major component of ‘Cardio Tennis’ is the use of music that allows you to make your workout more lively. Music during training increases participant’s perseverance by 30 percent, and also increases the overall result.

The third component of the program is the continuous movement of all participants during the workout that improves the cardiovascular system (hence the name ‘Cardio Tennis’). The aim is to keep the participants active so that they do not feel fatigue and tension.

Finally, the fourth component of ‘Cardio Tennis’ is the use of low-pressure balls that make it easier to control the ball during the strike, which is particularly important for participants with little experience in tennis. So if you like to play sports with music, you love tennis and want to get out of the stuffy gym and exercise in the fresh air, then we encourage you to do ‘Cardio tennis’!

Type of groups

The amount of trainings per month

Price (RUB)

Group with training 1 time per week

4 trainings/1 hour


Group with training 2 time per week

8 trainings/1 hour


Group with training 3 time per week

12 trainings/1 hour