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Physical training’
Physical training is the formation of motor skills and the development of physical abilities. We divide physical training into two categories: general physical training and special physical training.

General physical training

morninggym4_3.jpgGeneral physical training is the development of motor skills and physical abilities, which is aimed at the natural development of the physically fit person.

GPT tasks:
1) Health improvement
2) Natural physical development
3) Establish a foundation for special physical training

GPT workouts include: running, skiing, swimming, cycling, sport games, exercises with weights, and so on.

Special physical training 

ofp.jpgSpecial physical training is also a formation of motor skills, physical development of human capabilities, taking into account the student’s involvement in other activities.

SPT provides selective development of certain muscle groups, which are used the most when performing in a specific sport. SPT is aimed at developing physical abilities to meet the needs of the chosen sport and reaching the highest possible level of their development.

Objectives of the SPT:
1) Development of physical abilities required for the particular sport.
2) Increase in the functionality and muscle strength that determine the success of the athlete's chosen sport.
3) Development of the ability to exercise the existing operational capacity in competitive environment.
4) Formation of athlete’s physique depending on the requirements of a particular discipline.

The main means of these two programs are competitive nature of the exercises and specifically prepared exercises. The ratio of GPP and SPP in the training program depends on the task, the age of the athlete, his or her qualifications and individual characteristics, as well as sport, its levels and stage of your training process. Well thought-out physical training allows athletes to achieve required level of fitness, which is crucial for success in any sport.

The program is taught by Oleg Vovk.

You can sign up for the group lesson at the front desk or by phone: +74952121661